Saturday, June 21, 2014

Twenty Years

Twenty years ago a car came into our lane and nearly killed me and injured my daughter. Twenty years ago is when the Traumatic Brain Injury came to stay. I am still making breakthroughs. I am still putting one foot in front of the other and kickin' butt along the way. And it feels grrrreat!!!!!!!!!

This day almost came and went without me even thinking about it. Twenty years.  

 Without realizing it I did wind up celebrating life all day. I thought about something really cool and shared it with my cousins and my sister/friend and shared it with my daughter and wrote and this afternoon I painted at the library and I had a food coupon for a free sandwich so I had that for dinner. My niece bought me some wine at a garage sale and all that time I still didn't realize what day it was. And when I did I thought I should celebrate. I called Portillo's and asked them how much a piece of chocolate cake was, including tax. I had enough change to get a piece and that is exactly what I did. This is a big day that I was never supposed to see. And I enjoyed seeing it all day. Pretty cool.

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