Monday, July 28, 2014

The Lone Ranger Movie Review

The Lone Ranger (2013) Poster

I watched The Lone Ranger movie with Johnny Depp and it has taken a few days for me to process my thoughts about it.

First off, the movie as a whole was convoluted and lacked a clear thread that would not have compromised the end but would have made it more cohesive.

All that being said, the special effects were good but they didn't tell the story. Special effects are not the story, they are a way of adding a description to the story.

The train could have been a metaphor for the death of the freedom of the Native Americans in this, their country.  It been the vehicle to say something about one of the largest genocides ever committed on innocent people. The Indian Removal Act; Google it and find some books on the topic if you are interested in learning about the holocaust perpetrated in our country.

PBS Indian Removal Act Artcle

This would have been a perfect opportunity to share this information. A few scenes alluded to it but unless you knew already about this brutal part of our history, you would have no way of picking up on it.  The humor was in really bad taste. I tried to think about it and thought about Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy you say? Yes. In his movie, Beverly Hills Cop, there was an amazingly terrific ironic sense of humor that was written in the script. Eddie's character was laughing at prejudice, at preconceived notions, at ignorance. It was his joke. And it was ironic and sad and funny all rolled up together. And then I thought about Mel Brooks and his film, To Be or Not To Be, which was also brilliant. It dealt with the holocaust. His humor too was also ironic and terribly sad and troubling and because he was the one telling the joke, making the joke from the perspective of the resilient survivor; the joke was his.

The humor in this movie was in such bad taste.  A few lines that Johnny Depp said were this way but the rest of the script was seriously lacking in any depth, any drama, any humor that would have been ironic or even sarcastic, pointing out the terror of that time; which was as non-existent as those whose memories were erased in this movie.

It was sort of a story of the Lone Ranger, pre-Ranger days and what made him that way.  The Lone Ranger did not have an identity. It had a bad guy and a really bad guy and a really really bad guy and it had a damsel in distress and an unwitting hero, and another mystical hero but the story lacked any substance and was as a whole insulting. If a movie is going to be made about a certain group of people, the writers should read a few damn books and not be so damn flippant about a tragedy that still, to this day, makes people weep. Whether anyone is aware of this or not, that is reality.

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