Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Akita Flies

This summer my Akita Service Dog Coco and I flew on South West Airlines this summer.  We had a wonderful flight.

SWA was very helpful.  When I called to find out what suggestions they had, so Coco and I would be properly prepared, I took notes.  I listened to what they said and Coco and I brought the proper paperwork and we also went through some special training so we would be okay to fly.

I fed Coco four hours before the flight and then about an hour and a half later we went for a nice hour long walk.  And an hour and a half before takeoff I gave her a Pepto Bismo and a Benadryl.  I wanted to make sure her stomach was coated and to help her stay calm, in case she got nervous.  I take real good care of her health and make all of her food and decided to splurg and buy her a bone she just loves. I thought, I'll give her half so she can chew on it when we take off and the other half when we are getting ready to land.  I also asked the light attendant for a few ice cubes to give to Coco after we took off and they did.

When we were taking off and we heard the engines I told her I hear it, its loud, we're safe; our training exercise for about two months before we left, and she was reassured and fine.
Coco liked having her head on my knee most of the time.  And then she laid down and she rested her head on her two front paws and then she feel asleep.  She slept almost the whole time.  And she enjoyed looking out the windows before we took off and after we landed.  I decided to close the window until after we were in the air and then again when we were landing.

Coco was great the during the TSA exam.  The agent asked me if she was okay and I said she was trained for this and she would be fine.  They could do whatever they needed to do to make their job easier.  When the agent was finished examining her and her vest Coco gave her a kiss on the cheek.

We also took the People Mover floor thingy.  We walked all the way to the gate because I've never been able to get on those.  But when we got to PA they had them and my cousin held onto my right arm and Coco did her job and we nailed it.  No problem.

This was the first time I have been able to travel on my own since the headon crash when someone came into our land going about 80 mph and left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Coco has been my service dog for six years.  I trust her with my life and she trusts me with hers.

Here are some additional pictures...
 Coco and I are ready to board the plane.
Coco and I are waiting to walk into the plane.

Coco and I are officially on the plane.
Coco enjoyed putting her head on my lap when we were in flight.  Until she decided to take a nap.
Coco is looking out the window.  And to the right we are taking the people mover.

Here is Coco and me after we landed in PA.

This is Coco and me making our very first Selfie after we landed in PA.

And here is Coco and me after we landed in Chicago.  Taking a picture with the pilot.  The other pilot is the one who took the picture.  And I think Coco is sneaking in a great big old smile.

I think Coco deserves some wings patches, one for her each of her two vests!

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