Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Give it a Whirl

I always wanted to make life the way I thought it was supposed to be. 

I wanted people to be what I thought they were or could be. 

And I slammed right into reality and then wondered what the hell happened? 

Nothing changed until I figured out what I was getting out of it. And once I came to that understanding... then I was brave enough to face life exactly the way it was... the way it is. 

That means some times we are assholes and some times other people are assholes. They may not realize it or care or understand why or even give much thought about how to be any different. That's their stuff. 

Even if we could possibly know everything another person has gone through and felt and thought in their entire lifetime, we can't enlighten them or change them. That is their stuff. 

What we can do is share every step we've taken through all of the shit life some times throws our way and we can say, 
Life isn't easy. 
But I'm still standing. 
I don't always have the answers and even when I do, I don't always get it,  in the moment; how those answers will help me be the best person I want to be. 

But everyday I give it my best. 
Everyday I accept I will never have all of the answers or know everything or be perfect. 
Everyday I accept that I am here, now. 
And I am alive and presently I'm gonna give it a whirl. 
So don't worry about all that other shit that you can't change anyway. 
Give this life a good ol' whirl. 

Because if you live this life waiting for a sunny day
And a perfect venue
You'll miss out on making some great music.

That's the gift.
That's the ribbon.
That's life all tied up with a great big bow.
Share it.
Give it a whirl.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Day.

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