Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Tide of Change

I started thinking about conservation a long time ago. I have pretty much eliminated using electrical appliances in the kitchen. And have area rugs instead of wall to wall, though I do vacuum those everyday because of my dingbat animals. I've cut down on using my dryer by about half during the winter months by putting a dry hand towel in them with the wet clothes. And hanging them out to dry in the warm weather months. 

 I'd like to be able to change out my outside lights, which I don't use often anyway, and put in their place, motion detector, solar powered lights. I'm hoping to be able to go to solar panels and then heat at the very least, water with it. I don't use many lights but I do use the computer and recharge my phone. If I can accomplish this with solar power that would be dandy. 

I found just changing my awareness about what was necessary really helped. I know this is more difficult for people with families, especially when both adults work a job outside of the home. But if single people who can, and people who live in sunny parts of the states who can, would go solar and cut back and wasting energy, it would go a long way towards conserving our natural resources. Just by turning my hot water heater down to medium/low (just hot enough to do dishes without having to turn on cold water) has lowered by bills to below $30 a month in the winter and around $5-10 during the summer months. This was accomplished by insulating the attic and caulking (thankyou Obama stimulus program) and getting new double pane windows. 

Honestly, I think Pete Seeger was right, our changes toward environmental preservation and conservation that require change... are going to be done by lots of individuals. As we stop looking at the government and corporations or the wealthy for these changes and we begin incorporating this consciousness into our daily routines; those of us who can will change the tide of supply and demand and the big ship of commerce will also change its course.

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