Friday, July 12, 2013

What if? What then?

When you realize the truth in this it is at once scary and incredibly liberating. It takes a lot of power to turn a great vessel in the sea. I found turning my flimsy boat just as challenging but one change at a time, small as it may have seemed and been, set me aright. Empowerment and taking the slimmest chance that the world just might be round and going out into unchartered waters just might be the perfect thing to do is brave. Very very brave. 

The list can be very long that gives us all the reasons in the world to stay put and watch as other ships sail but getting out there and setting our own course, even when we get out there and can't see land on the horizon, is true freedom. Navigating the waters of our lives is as easy as that. I remember asking advice from someone I really respected. What if I make the wrong decision? And he said to me, "The only wrong decision is no decision." Make the best decision you can and while you live your life, you will make more decisions. Some times you will even change your mind." And I found when I did, make a decision or change my mind, the world went right on spinning and I wound up taking that one more step in a direction down the road less traveled.

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