Friday, July 12, 2013

Home Made Tea To Go

Ages ago we used to drink our beverages out of glass bottles.  I know, shocking.  After years of being frustrated over the choice of drinking something in a toxic oozing plastic bottles filled with genetically modified organism corn syrup.  Delightful corn now genetically fused with pesticides to make the corn sturdier and while poisoning animal, bird and bee with its sweet syrup.  Filled with sugars our bodies don't digest and directly target our pleasure sensors in the brain so no matter how much we eat or drink with this stuff in it, we will only want more and never feel full.  Yes, how delightful.

So I wondered, is there a way I can bring my drinking habits in line with what I believe is healthy and doesn't contribute to polluting this amazingly beautiful planet.

Being a poor artist and writer I need to do things gradually.  I saw a 100% Organic Juice that was in a slightly textured heavy glass jar and it had a good metal sealed lid.  I purchased a bottle washer which was around a dollar.  And took the label off and cleaned it and then I made some tea and when it was room temperature I put it in the bottle.  As I could I bought more bottles.  Some in different sizes to use for different purposes.  By making my own tea I can vary its flavor and add a little raw honey and I know exactly what is in and what isn't in my beverage.  Now I can take a chilled bottle of delicious tea, wrap it in a hand towel, and I'm off to the races. 

The process takes less time than going to the store to buy something to drink.  And it does no harm to the planet or to anyone who drinks it.  So I thought I'd pass this along.  I spend less than $4.00 a month on iced tea that I can flavor with a fruit that is ripe or a cinnamon stick or even a little fruit juice.

I boil water in a large pot, add tea bags and honey and then put a lid over it and let it steep.  I may take the dogs for a walk or do chores or write or paint and then, once it is room temperature I chuck the teabags and put fill the bottles using a spouted measuring cup.  And once those are clearly room temperature I put them in the refrigerator.  And that's it.

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