Friday, April 19, 2013

Akita Training Impulse Control

This is a video of Coco, my Akita Service Dog, doing an Impulse Control Exercise.

Because I have peripheral blindness from a Traumatic Brain Injury, it was crucial that Coco had really focused impulse control.  Coco keeps me from walking out in front of cars and she helps me keep balanced if its windy and she helps me walk up and down stairs and ramps.

Coco is now five.  We starting working on impulse control when she was one year old.  This kind of focus doesn't happen over night.  But little by little, close and for very brief seconds and then eventually increasing the distance between you and your dog and the length of time they need to wait is all a part of impulse control.

For my safety and for Coco's safety it is imperative that she remain calm and focused.  She has cupped her body around me many times, keeping me from walking out in front of a car I didn't see.

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