Monday, May 6, 2013

Life of Pi ~ Review

 Life of Pi (2012) Poster
I watched the movie, "The Life of Pi," over the weekend. It was brilliantly filmed and Director, Ang Lee did not disappoint. The story was intriguing and I am going to want to watch this film a few more times because it was rich in metaphors about humanity, the connectedness of all things, including suffering and survival and how we choose to perceive these changes in our lives and our awareness of life.

The star of the film, Suraj Sharma, was engaging and convincing. The acting of the interviewer was a tad weak. But acceptable. The true jewel of this film however, was an actor I had not seen before, Irrfan Khan. He is one of the best actors I have ever seen. He didn't steal my heart, I gladly gave it to him. I was enraptured by his tale and the heart he so willingly gave in his performance. Irrfan Kahn is from Jaipur, India. After graduating from the National School of Drama he moved to Mumbai in 1987. The writer Yann Martel and the screen writer, David Magee did a great job. Great job. But being completely drawn into where they wanted me to go.... that was all Irrfan.
Irrfan Khan Picture

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