Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's all Greek to me,"Take That!!"

The Greek people have gotten rid of their government and they are not going to elect anyone who supports paying for their corrupt politicians and rich friend's mistakes. And they have a good point. The cards have been stacked for too long and the people have paid with everything they've got and gotten royally screwed and they are sick of it. So they are just saying, "No."

I agree completely!!! The investment brokers took billions in commissions for crooked deals. They stole money from governments, pensions and non-profit foundations. Did they promise the moon? Yes. Should people have believed them and bought into their false promises? Well, had they been properly informed about what was going on they wouldn't have. So why are the everyday people being forced to pay for all of this bullshit while the money that was stolen from them is sleeping peacefully in off shore accounts? If banks and investment brokers and corrupt politicians don't have to be honest and they don't have to suffer any consequences for the crimes they absolutely did - I don't care what they call it so they can sleep at night - fk 'em.

In the USA we can't buy or sell our homes. We have been stuck for the past decade. We can't do things regular people used to be able to do. We need educated young people to work on so many problems that they have inherited from greedy, clueless and corrupt assholes. Because of extreme costs of health care and a rise in cancer most home foreclosures were caused by medical bills that people had accumulated. Take out a second mortgage on your house or watch your loved one die now. And insurance companies were selective about what they covered and left most of these people hanging out to dry. Banks were increasing interest rates and taking their pound of flesh, ripping people off left and right, so that the collateral people had built up for educating their kids and then paying those debts off and selling their homes and retiring in another 15 years - BAM - evaporated. Nobody knows what happened. Nobody knows where the trillions of dollars went. And nobody who dipped their hands in the till is taking repsonsiblity for what they did and what they knew. No whistle blowers here. Just greedy little weasels. And then those hard working people who would had been contributing to their pensions found out their retirement funds had been devoured. So the equity in their homes was gone, their jobs were gone and their retirement was gone. Poof. Just like that. Thank you Bush and Republicans that squirmed in and stripped away all of the regulations that prevented these big shots from doing their dirty deeds. Then businesses closed down that employed locals but were franchised and couldn't afford to pay their investors anymore so out they went too. So what happened to all of that money and prosperity? Ask the 1%.

Our grandparent's generation had it right. Don't borrow. Don't spend more than you earn. Save a little for a rainy day. And if you can't afford to buy it, learn how to make it yourself or do without and be grateful for what you've got. People had more time to love each other and go for a walk and learn how to strum an instrument or - flirt. What's that bit about the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland? She was going as fast as she could to stay where she was. I think if anything people all over the world are waking up and telling the money industry to hell with you. The anger is real but of course, it doesn't do any good. It is making better decisions, you and me making better decisions and doing for ourselves and doing without the endless list of material bullshit that means nothing in six weeks that will ultimately make a difference. That's empowerment. And that empowerment and taking responsibility for our own lives and decisions that is going to make the difference.

Let 'em eat cake - right? They haven't got a clue. Which brings me to one last rant... if our ethics and sense of morality only come from a great big God up in the sky or what other people will think of us if they only knew -- than... we tend to base how good we are by how screwed up other people are. Doing the right thing and working a little harder at being genuine and compassionate and caring about each other isn't as easy as a false pretense hanging in our closet or parked out in the driveway but I'll tell ya, if more of us rolled giving what we do and why we do what we do a little bit more thought, the whole world would be better off. Right now.

Enough with the court jesters, we have real serious issues to face and deal with. Like cleaning up our environment and developing alternative passive sources of energy. And learning how to once and for all for the love of God and all that is holy and all that isn't - learn how to love and respect one another for all that we share in this amazingly challenging existence and to love and respect and appreciate each other for all of our diversity too. You know what is so cool about not hating people? You can feel free to chill with everybody. You can see how alike we all are. We all want to be loved and understood and heard. This doesn't magically happen. We grow that way ourselves first and then we change. And then our hearts open up. And then we join the human race. And it is a beautiful thing. It can be cruel and horrible. But it can also be filled with graciousness and compassion.

I do a lot of work for United Way among other foundations. I don't have money to give so I give of myself. Being an artist and writer; I have gotten used to making hard choices and doing without stuff. Most of my furniture I've gotten from other people's garbage. I sanded, glued and painted it and made it work. I have watched people buy into what TV says is reality or what reality should be and a generation of lazy ass parents that didn't take the time to teach them any differently. Money or in poverty or middle class, they just weren't there. And now the hard knocks of life are catching up to them. Only this generation - I love and respect them so much - are saying hell no! And I love their guts and their gentleness and their wisdom. You all rock. And if I could put you in my pocket and take you everywhere with me and love you 24/7 I so would. And so I do, even though you don't know I exist. I am so proud of you, every single one of you all over the world.

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