Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Same Sex Marriage

In every culture all over the world, for thousands of years, people have been homosexual. People can believe homosexuality shouldn't exist but the fact is it has always existed. If people don't want to be gay and they aren't attracted to someone of the same sex then fine - don't be gay. But if people are gay, why should anyone tell them they don't have the right to be who they really are? Anyone can say, "God says." In the name of God wars and brutalities and crusades have been commited. That doesn't mean that people should not be allowed to believe in God or to be religious. We all need to love and accept one another. For the love and precious life we have to share today. If people spent a fraction of the time looking at their own motives and working on their own character and making sound ethical decisions that include compassion and love and exclude self-righteousness and pride, this world would be a lot better off right now. And no-one should be pressured or intimidated by a political group into choosing a policy or belief over what they feel in their heart is right. We are never going to all agree on everything all of the time. That is where acceptance comes in. And when we accept that we are all a part of humanity that is when hatred goes out and love compassion comes into our hearts. If two people love each other and they want to make a life time commitment to each other, so be it. Personally, I didn't do too well with marriage. But some times it works too. Just because I had two failed marriages, and I don't think marriage is right for me, that doesn't mean other people shouldn't be allowed to get married. It is pretty arrogant to assume that just because our experiences have left us feeling a certain way, that doesn't mean that is the only way to think about the human condition.

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