Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onda Vaga - Spontaneous Combustion

I dig this the most. Spontaneous music happening? Who needs an arena? Who needs a personna? Who needs a recording studio?

If you don't ask for money you can play for free just about anywhere.

People forget how much raw music affects them. Making that musical connection randomly, no frills, just music

That's a real blast.

We should never wait for an opportunity to be creative to open up for us? We should just be creative wherever we are. For free.

Being free to grow and develop and connect with an audience has got to be the coolest way to spend a bit of time in the day. Wouldn't it be something if music filled the streets? For free?

Word would pass so fast about the whose and whats and wheres and hows.

Spontaneous Combustion, I like it.

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