Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will It Sun Up Enough?

will it sun up enough
to put a load out on the line

is there a breeze blowing
through the tops of the trees
is it calm

clouds are towering in the distance
think I'll wait awhile

think I'll sand the rest of that bench
and maybe put a first coat on it
should I work on canvases first

think I'll take my girl for a walk
before getting focused
on the work ahead

look at that
a white streak through gray clouds
like a shelf half way up the sky
the distance is getting dark
think I'll take a video shot of this

not so long ago
a family of black birds
where having a flap and a hop
on the top of the bird bath
that's the cat

why is thunder so high up in the sky
not one good bolt
like it used to be
when you heard a loud calp of thunder
and then you'd see a bright flash of light
wasn't it
count and every count stands for a mile
and that's how you could tell how far away
that lightening came from
I wonder if that really is true
I've never doubted it
it's what Grandma always said

now the rain seems to be coming from
higher up
so does the thunder
instead of distinct
beginnings and ends
there are rumblings that some times
shake the whole house
like that one right now

I should turn off the computer
but I feel like being daring today
that's such a strong steady rain
almost straight up and down


looks pretty flooded out there
I shook off an ominus feeling
and let the ribbons flood my soul
flood should so be spelled flud

tap tap tap
windows open
then they close
it's your turn
to blow your nose

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