Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coco Got Hit By A Skunk

I let Coco out tonight, for one last time around the backyard. And she took a little longer than usual. So I checked on her. She didn't come when I called her. It was pitch black out and I couldn't see a thing.

But I could smell a skunk.

I came in and got my shoes on and walked back out. She came to me, reluctantly. Ears down, no eye contact and squeaking like a little mouse.

Coco may be an Akita and a mighty service dog but she is also very much a princess. She prefers hopping over puddles and she enjoys being combed.

She was hit in the face once before, about a year or so ago. So I was surprised she fell for it again. Maybe she didn't get a chance to see it before.

But oh man, this one left quite the impression on her.

I put her back out. She gladly went. Then I got my rubber boots on, natch, and armed myself with an nearly empty container of laundry soap. I always use the last of the soap that's left in the bottom before I recycle it. It's good for cleaning floors and washing down cupboards. And it's good for some emergency situations, like the one I'm facing tonight. I diluted it with distilled vinegar and filled it the rest of the way with some water. And then I took out a small container of scented oil to doused on her after her late night bath.

I tethered her to the gate and turned the hose on. She submitted but wasn't keen on it. It wasn't as nice as taking a shower in the house. But the weather's warm so it isn't that bad. I hosed her down all over several times and then poured my concoction on her. Then I used the hose to spread it around and rinsed her. Then I sprinkled some of the oil all over her and towel dried her. That towel took up the trace of what was probably left around her face. I was careful not to get too close to her eyes.

Then we came in. I had already closed the bedroom doors. And I had laid a couple of towels on the floor. I towel dried her and now she is laying on one of the fresh towels I'd spread out on the floor. She doesn't smell bad, except a little on her nose up by her eyes. I'll work on that some more with a wash cloth tomorrow.

So here is a picture on a beautiful Akita princess on a sunny day this summer.

And here is Coco after getting hit in the face by a skunk. Whew!

Well, it's a new day.
Coco smells pretty good this morning. My concoction worked so good.

Coco couldn't wait until I woke up. She kept wanting to go back outside last night. I wasn't sure if she had killed the squirrel or just wanted to make sure it didn't come back in the yard. But I was tired and had enough of the whole deal for one night. After I had a good eight hours and a fresh cuppa tea I'd see what was up.

So in the early morning light I took Coco into the backyard with her leash on her. She took me over to see the squirrel. I guess Coco hit back. After tea I'll take a refresher course on how to bury a squirrel in your backyard 101 and then I'll do the damn thing. I'm glad Coco is up-to-date with all of her shots.

I have, Singin' In the Rain's Good Morning song playing in my head. Think I'll find the video and play it.

GOOD MORNING SONG with a little Tap too
Good Morning!!!!

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