Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skunk Removal 101 and Laundry Afterwards

After tea I got my rubber boots on and my painter's face mask, I'll do the damn thing but if you've got the right tool for the job, it would be foolish not to use it. And I got the shovel and a brown paper bag. I kept Coco in the house. And decided to dig the hole and then take the top layer of soil from where the skunk died and buried that in the hole first.

Then I put the skunk in there and covered it all. A large tree branch had come down from a lightening strike a while ago so I decided to pull that from behind the garage and place it over the freshly upturned earth. It worked. It kept Coco from wanting to dig it up. And she couldn't find the scent so I was glad about that.

So all's well that end's well. Except of course for the skunk.

Then I washed the towels and my clothes and my converse tennies and put some vinegar in the wash. After the washer cycle was over I smelled the towels and they smelled a little vinegary so I gave it a quick rinse with some fabric softener and when I pulled everything out it was clean and it smelled great. It's a hot one today so I hung everything on the line.

There is no trace of a smell in the house or on Coco or me.

The dilluted distilled vinegar and laundry soap and water and using the hose to rinse her and move the soap solution around and then rinsing her thoroughly after that, not using my hands, I think made all of the difference. I think before I used my hands to rub the soap in but I think that also rubbed some of the skunk spray into her skin too. Since Coco is my third Akita and both of my others also had encounters with skunks, I have noticed a huge difference in how effective this approach was. Even after repeated washings there was always this after smell. Especially, after it rained. And for a couple of months you could smell it just a little bit. But it's all good now.

It was so bad.

I think I'll take my girl to the park.

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