Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coco Took Me Out to a Fund Raiser at UPS

Early this morning Coco and I got ready to go to a United Way Fundraiser at UPS. The Ray Graham Association is a group of amazing people that help people with autisim and with disabilities like me to train their own service dogs. They also help with jobs and housing. It is wonderful and inspirational to work with and know people whose job it is to do good for other people.

We often go to United Way Fundraisers so people can see how the money they donate helps people in their own community.

When we are getting ready I tell her we are getting ready to work and she gets this huge smile on her face and follows me around. She can't wait for me to put her vest on. We were all ready and I told her to tell me when our ride got here and she went over to the window and stood and watched until our friend pulled into the driveway. Then she got down and looked toward the back door and her tail was wagging and she was all excited. One of her favorite people had arrive to take us to the event.

Coco loves to work. We go up and speak together. And then after she gets to greet people and spread some of her Coco love around. We always meet such nice, interesting people.

Here are a couple of pictures of us. We had finished speaking and lots of people came up to meet Coco and talk with me. It wasn't until mostly everyone had left and we were about ready to leave that someone asked if he could take a picture of us. And then I thought about my camera and I asked the man if he would take a picture of Coco and me too.

So here we are. She really took to this man, as you can see.

We had such a lovely time.

Afterwards MaryBeth and I went out for breakfast at a restaurant where everyone knows us and loves Coco. She was a good girl. She laid down under the table and slept while I visited with my friend from Ray Graham Association. Now Coco is laying by my feet being well, perfect.

I'm making huge progress with my canvases and will post pictures soon.

It's a great day already. I love it when that happens.

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