Friday, July 29, 2011


This blog/journal is a funny thing. I tend to either write or paint. I've been working really hard on a few canvases. So everything else, including writing, tends to fade awhile. Until my mind is ready to rest and then I find refuge in these words.

And when a lot is going on in the world I usually want to write about it. But some times it takes awhile for a current event to sink in enough so that I can hold onto it and write about it.

These past couple of weeks Rupert Murdoch got busted and he was slapped by the Scotland Yard. Some of it came back because some top investigators were caught with their conflicted interested little hands in the cookie jar. And then people who worked for the royals, including Princess Diana, were also turning tricks for a buck. The sold personal information to the Murdoch NewsCorp Medias. The dude publishes a lot of trash. He's even got cable channels devoted to whatever he says. Turns out prostitution is legal. You just gotta know how to dress for it to make the big bucks.

The personal spying got more bold as Murchoch realized he could be one step a head of a real story or he could manipulate the breaking or a story or the way information was presented and that's when the fun began. It was right around the time of the last year or so of Bill Clinton's presidency. Their channel was relentless and he too had people close to him who were so willing to sell him out. It was his own poor judgement about an affair that was ridiculous, true. But most people would have been over it after a couple of weeks, I mean who could throw the first stone, right? Well, apparently the self-rightous politicians who were also caught cheating, and some times it was even with a boy. So all of this religious, self-righteous crap coming out of their mouths was just that, crap. After Bill Clinton we were living in prosperity. There were opportunities.

Yeah, there was a time when people could go to college and it would be worth while because there would be an interesting job to look forward too. In all kinds of industries too, including computers, programmers and environmentally souns alternatives to paying out too much money to the utility companies.

There was also too much thoughtless wasting of resources. Like spoiled children everyone was willing to work hard, women bringing in a second income turned out to be an advantage. You could buy those nice things you wanted so much faster. People were still building and buying big gas guzzling cars for status and wasting, well everything.

So in a way, this financial crush has been a good thing. It has been a wakeup call to those who chose not to think about the environment and people have started to make changes in their life style. Yet there are still many that walk from one day through another without much focus on what is going on outside of their lives. A lot of this happens, in all fairness, because people have to work there asses off here to make enough money so they can keep a little and do what they with it.

And maybe the knowing that even the mighty, like Rupert Murdoch, fall. It's just their carbon footprint is a bit bigger.

Whatever the case, its Friday. We have had two nights of serious thunderstorm activity going on all night. Everything is Irish spring green and I'm listening to the Phenomenon Soundtrack, Coco is at my feet after a nice long walk and I'm going to stop thinking about painting and I'm going to do the damn thing.

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