Friday, June 17, 2011

Adler School of Professional Psychology Review

I just got my first review from a speaking engagement and art exhibit. It is so beautiful. Here it is:

“Down the road” by Jenn Weinshenker offers its readers an appreciation for the poetry of pain, which is also the poetry of human existence. Jenn was in a life-changing car wreck that neither she nor her doctors understood for many years. The dislocation she experienced, and the ways in which she was able to trace her way to a fuller, appreciative life, is the story told in this book. Sometimes we can’t get back to where we were, so we need to start from a new place. Jenn created the new place in which she could lead her life and share her story.
The Adler School of Professional Psychology invited Jenn to share her story with our students so that they could realize the art of recovery. Jenn’s art is realized through her words, her amazing paintings, and her grace. This book is a must read for understanding how art can emerge from the pain of human existence.

By Nancy Bothne M.S.
Director of Community Engagement
Adler School of Professional Psychology

Very cool Nancy, thankyou.

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