Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coco and Me at the Library

Coco and I often go to the library. We are getting ready for our book tour in the fall and we are kicking it off at the library. We did a photo shoot there today. My niece took some great photos and while we were there she took some video of Coco and me walking over and looking through some movies in the dvd section. Which we often do.

I usually communicate with Coco using hand signals. Especially, in the library. I guide her with a two finger signal so she comes in close so we don't take up a lot of room. I use the same signal when we are in the grocery store and I need her to come in between me and the grocery cart, while we are standing in line.

I use hand signals to let her know when I'm stopping and that's when she needs to sit and stay while I look at something. If I take a long time, in a store or at the library, she will lay down and wait for me to move forward.

It takes me a long time to read a book so I usually buy or borrow books. And once I return them I start the next one. Some times we get books from the library but usually we check out the movies and documentaries.

The library was the first public place we went to when we were in the training process. It is the only place I encouraged people to come up to her so she would make friends with the people who work there. Everyone knows Coco and loves her.

When we get ready to go to the library I ask her, "You want to go see the ladies at the library?" And she gets so excited! Even when we drive by she gets all happy just looking at the building, without any verbal cues of from me at all. It's too cute.

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