Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lethal Levels of Radiation

This Russia Today news link reports the ocean near the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster, in Japan, has contaminated the water there. There is now at least 10 million times more radiation in that area than what the normal level there should be. There is also an interview with a survivor of the bombing of Hiroshima; who shares personal and historical experiences that are very thought provoking, on this video clip.

10 Millions Times Higher Radiation Levels in Ocean along shore of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Complex

It's important to understand that everything is connected. Water circulates around the entire planet. There are underground waterways and all of this water helps stabilize the temperature in the relationship to its axis.

The density of the forests that are being destroyed and altered helped to control the strength of currents of wind that blows across the face of the earth. This affects the speed of rotation and its axis too. The fewer things that are coming off a surface of some thing round, the faster it will go. There will be less resistance and the velocity of the spin is going to increase.

I mean, just think about it.

It’s the same with the air. Air is just tons of tiny particles swirling around and moving, all of the time. Some times water evaporates and there is more moisture in the atmosphere. And clouds of moisture start to move across the planet. And all of this life is connected. The water, the dust, our breath, it's all connected.

So plutonium being dumped in the ocean is a big deal. It affects the plant life, the sea life and all of those tiny little dealeos that connect the entire ocean and water together as it moves. And it circulates the planet too. And when the shore gets to a certain height, the water subsides and goes back to where it came from. The oceans are like huge upside down bowls with lots of water moving back and forth, from shore to shore. So you pollute in one place, it only dissipates, gets diluted and if the water is moving fast enough things get broken down and lots of tiny pieces of everything moves right along too.

There isn't an uh oh, plutonium in the ocean, the ocean is big, it won't matter.

Because it’s all matter.

Matter moving around and through all kinds of other matter: Teeny-tiny bits, parts per million of minuscule matter. And some times it’s thick, like oil or dense like iron ore and some times is liquid and vast and some times it’s in the air we breathe and its humidity or blowing out a waterfall. Some times it’s in a thunderstorm and some times it’s in a summer rain, when you can't see a cloud in the sky and the sun is out. Some times its snow. And it melts far into the ground and this liquid feeds the roots of the trees and crops and in some places it gathers and it helps to keep the temperature of the earth fairly steady.

So the exhaust from cars, it’s bad for us. Wasting the finite oil resources, (that means there's only so much and then it’s gone, forever) is foolish. Wasting money on making so much plastic, that winds up in our ground and water isn't good for us. It isn't good for sea life. And there's so much floating plastic in the ocean that it is now bigger than the state of Texas. And there is a dusting on the ocean floor of the teeniest granules of plastic everywhere. And it’s ingested by everything and then it’s excreted. And all of the combinations of structure these molecules take and no matter how they are altered, water or ice, rock or lava, its all matter. And it is always changing and rearranging and everything effects our environment.

Everything. Cows farting in a field and the methane gas they release. We are taking solid things and heating them and putting gasses in the air. And this stuff, all of this stuff you can barely see, unless you are living where there's smog, well, all of this stuff effects how well we breathe and what we breathe in and all of this effects everything. Every living creature, including us.

Now think about all of that for a bit. Because a thought has just occurred to me that blows my mind. And I want to research it. So more on this later.

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