Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Life of a Nuclear Power Plant

While researching the life of a nuclear power plant it dawned on me that we are using a resource that is not only dangerous but it only lasts for 30-40 years.

That means that for about 10,000 years, the people that come after us are going to have to maintain these power plants so they don't leak radioactive material. This tests the limits of common sense because in 10,000 years land changes. It floods and dries up and it has huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In 10,000 years there may be wars and destruction. To create more of these nuclear power plants is madness.

It only makes sense to those who are impressed by the sales man who comes on the scene with a more than ample amount of cash to quiet down what they want to do and to reward those who will comply with whatever the big guy says is right. Because they don't know any better and well because it all sounds so smart. And look, there are nuclear power plants all over the world. Everybody that went along with building them can't be wrong. Can they?

There are a very few people who make tons of money constructing and maintaining these nuclear power plants. And the people at the apex of this industry are working right along with the people who are selling the electricity they made possible, to a population that goes along because they don't understand the nuclear power industry or how it will ultimately effect them and their children's children. Most of the people who work for these industries don't have a clue how potentially dangerous these power plants are. They understand how much money they are going to make and what they can buy with it but the possible massive destruction to the planet issue? They don't have a clue.

It is interesting how the people who have consistantly voiced their concerns and explained how dangerous and relatively short lived these power plants are; have been marginalized and painted by most media as goofballs. In fact, most media doesn't even give them a reasonable venue to voice their points of view.

It doesn't matter why. It is what it is. Big money has bought up free press and except for having access to research online, we wouldn't have the slightest idea about what nuclear power is or how many plants there are or even have the information about the affects these plants have on our future or on the future of the many generations that will follow.

The thought that hit me yesterday was this, we are going to have to spend tons of money maintaining these hollow, toxic concrete containment buildings for the spent fuel rods inside them for 10,000 years. And 10,000 years is anybody's guess. Who will be around that long to say, your estimates were no good.

I don't think government policy makers are going to listen now, even after the disaster in Fukushima, Japan. I don't think the people who are making money and shuffling paperwork and deals on behalf of electric power companies are going to do anything that will mean they will be out of work. We are stuck with them to some extent because of these power plants for 10,000 years. If these nuclear power plants don't destroy the planet first.

Nuclear Power Plant Discussion in USA

I think the answer is going to come from lots of you's and me's. We need to start somewhere. Replacing outdoor lights with solar powered lights. Even better, motion detection solar powered lights. And as soon as we can we need to start putting solar panels and wind turbines on our roofs. We need to make these things a priority. I mean once we know about a problem, we need to do what we can do to make a difference. Because the people that are profiting from the nuclear power industry are not going to say, "You guys were right. We'll stop making tons of money and do something else." Nope. That ain't gonna happen.

It's up to you and me to make a change. No matter how small. We need to take steps in that direction.

There is a fascinating blog post about Biotecture and an architect named Michael Reynolds in New Mexico below. Do youtube searches on him and check out his links. They're thought inspiring.

Below are good articles and resources that explain the life expectancy of Nuclear Power Plants. I encourage you to read them. You'll learn some thing and that is always a good thing.

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