Saturday, November 7, 2009

A beautiful day in November

Someone from the Chicago Lighthouse came out to see how they could help me at home with task lighting and contrast between the walls and floor and things like that.

I remember hearing about having blindness in my perepheral vision and lots of things made sense after that. And ways that I had found to deal with what has been happening to me, without understanding the whys.

And today it started to really hit me. The feel of the reality of it.

It was a beautiful day. Fall colors fell lazily to the earth floor and I caulked a few windows, painted them and then painted the two banisters. The one going downstairs and the one my sister had installed on the outside of the house so I wouldn't fall down if it was windy when I was taking Coco to the back yard. The white baniters on the light or white backgrounds, I never gave them a second thought. But really being able to see them with the contrast now is so much easier.

Anyway, it was a good day. And tomorrow is going to be another beauty.

I just may get another project finished before the cold weather comes.

Oh, I saw Gran Torino tonight. It was so bizarre to hear the bantering ethnic slurs between old friends. It was very true to the way people used to talk with each other in the fifties and even the sixties. I think though it seemed that there was more hatred that went along with it but I don't know, maybe not always. I liked that it was a complex movie and the characters too were interesting. I liked that there weren't easy answers and it left me thinking.

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