Friday, November 6, 2009

Where have the birds and bees and spideys gone?

Every year I've noticed a marked decrease in the number of birds and geese I see. I remember first really noticing this back when we had the farm in Michigan. But I have noticed a profound decrease the past ten years.

I've only seen two Blue Jays since I moved to this town just outside of the city. They used to be as common as Robins. I used to see so many geese flying and their V's flew as they flew south, so high that they seemed to last in the sky for hours.

Last year I enjoyed watching families of Robins teaching their young how and what to eat. This year I saw a few males in the spring and that was it. They have disappeared.

This year three Ravens used to come for pieces of bread or apple cores. I got such a kick out of them. The way they would look sideways and siddle up to a particularly large chunk of apple core and then fly up in one of the few Elms left in this area and eat.

I didn't see one Wolf spider in my house or basement all year this year. Not one. I didn't even see any outside. I just saw a few Banana spiders this whole warm weather season when every year before they had been a common occurrence.

So where'd they all go? The telephone lines used to be filled with birds by the end of the summer and into the early fall. Where are they?

I've noticed evergreens, young strong evergreens, drying up. In one year tall evergreens just losing all of their green and most of their needles.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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