Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Perfection Is Highly Overrated

out in the gardenyard
soon it will be warm enough
to take my shoes off
and feel the mud squooosh up through all of those
inbetween places

it grounds me

after a few good thaws
and a few good rains
the good earth
is ready to receive its seed and root

planting and transplanting
moving moss and flowers and saplings around
and the warmth of the sun on my back
is exhilarating

Put some garden tools
into the old Radio Flyer and up the driveway we
crackle and roll

broke'n gloves hang out my back pocket
I'll use them for awhile and then
refuse them
something about dirt under my finger nails
brings me closer to Grandma
think we'll spend a morning together

I need to top off some buds from weeds that have clearly
been improperly categorized
and put those seeds out'ta searching
for a place that is just right
my garden
is unpredictable

Ooooo those clouds are coming in
quicker than I thought they would
think I'll go put on my rubber boots just in case
wait a minute
they need mending
no worries
I know where some neon pink duct tape sits
waiting to be taken off it its roll
to find something useful to do

perfection is highly overrated

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