Monday, June 16, 2014

If Not Now? When?

No, this is NOT Hiroshima in WWII--This is Homs,
Image result for war torn syria.

This is what happens to nations, to people, whose history has led them in one way or another to believe that there is no room for differences, no room for tolerance and no room for people to think for themselves and grow and learn. This is what absolutely my way or death looks like. As a human race it sadly astounds me that people still think this will work. It will never work. Because we have a brain and creativity and because we are not born knowing everything - no-one is - we need to allow for growth and change. All of nature does or it fades away and becomes dust and sand.

It is a heartache that people still think hatred can only be extinguished by yet more violence. We need to protect ourselves, I'm not saying we shouldn't. But what is disconcerting is that in the 21st century we still don't get it. When we hurt each other we hurt the earth. We hurt the human race. We breed prejudice and hatred which only leads to more pain and suffering. We have had great teachers and still this is the best we can do? Destroy all that we have built in the name of whatever. Religions, philosophies, gods, politics... as a mother this troubles my heart. We raise our children to be good people. Well, I think most of us do. We raise them to be honest and to be respectful to - everyone - and then for one reason or another a group of people decides to take what we have birthed into this world, what we have cherished and nourished and our precious loves are offered up to the newest golden cow.

I have hope because I have wonderful children. They are bright and honest and hard working and loving. And I will continue to do my best for them and for my extended family, the human race. Hope is stronger than hate. Hope is stronger than fear. Hope gives us strength and brings us peace. Hope has gotten me through the hardest times in my life. Hope and love fills me with an appreciation for how precious and temporary and constant life is.

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