Saturday, November 9, 2013

Loner and Hey! Paintings

I've been editing my book and working on drawings of the nine birds I'll be painting for the mini-canvas series of oils called, "Nine Birds."

Here are two of the birds.
The first on the left is
and the other

 As soon as I finish one I can't wait to work on the next. The studio door was opened most of the day today.  It was up around 50 this late in November 9, 2013.  We only just had our first frost.  It has been mostly in the near 50-60's through October and so far in November.

I've been listening to Miles Davis and Jefferson Airplane and The Incredible String Band, It's a Beautiful Day.  A dear friend recently told me this was a favorite of mine.  I didn't remember but when found it on YouTube the album cover felt familiar.  As soon as I heard the music I liked it.  This is the entire album.  Its so good.

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