Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paintings Collage October 2013

This is what I've been working on this year. Seeing the pieces finished or nearly completed is a good feeling. Now they will speak to me. Or maybe those are the voices inside my head. Don't know. Don't care.

It has been another fulfilling year. Another one I thought I might not have. Another one to be grateful for. Still painting without a plan and without a concept. I just begin and let the paint tell me where it wants to go. Once it has settled in nicely, I don't move it anymore. 

I'm still working on studies for the nine birds mini canvases and still have some watercolor/gouache and charcoals to do but everything is moving right along.

It takes a year to get this all done but by the end of the year, it feels like I've been some where, done some thing that at least to me, is some how meaningful.

I've been working on the book. It's coming along slowly but this is the last of my art season and soon I'll be focused on writing again. I was hoping this book would be ready by now and I'd be working on designing the cover but looks like things are going to take a bit longer than I thought they would. That's usually the way with most of us I'm guessin.

It snowed today. Just for awhile. But it was the first snow and the dogs and I were out in it.

I've been listening to this CD a lot while working on the paintings and writing this year.  It's so good.

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