Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tao, Two Dogs and an Ass

I'm eating the last of my cauliflower and cheese from this week. It has been such a treat.
And I took the dingbats to the park for a walk after having a good time in the studio.
There was a Hoe Down and Crystal I thought about you....
A Petting Zoo and Pony Rides but no Square Dancing!
The dogs were smelling all sorts of things and wanting to go in all different directions. So I stopped and breathed in
and breathed out and got into the Tao of the moment
and let them move around freely
smelling whatever (probably from the petting zoo critters)
and then they realized, hey
we're not moving
we're not going anywhere
Coco came back to me pretty quickly and waited
it took Rider a little bit longer
but he's learning
I can tell whoever had him before used one of those
retractable leash dealeos
When we were all in tuned with each other and there was no tension of the leashes and the dogs were calm we took a step.
Waited and took one more step
a hay ride in the distance
ponies spotted
panting eyes alert ears pricked to the shenanagans goin' on in the park
and once they were calm we walked toward the hayride
the dogs and I were in perfect sync
calmly walking on the left side
by the time we got to the other side of the park
where the ponies
the little ponies were
the dogs were calm
Coco was snug up at heel
and Rider was just behind her
keeping pace
No treats exchanged and a bit of praise
but not much sound or speech
we were just being in the moment
aware of each other
and walking together
it was an awesome day
Then we came home and I kicked some ass again in the studio.
I miss Eeyore and no I never kicked him
and he was
my ass

Pictures of the artwork later
I'm free and don't want to determine anything yet
but soon
I've got a picture of my ass
but I'll have to scan it first
I know I didn't have to write that but the thought came to me and gave me a laugh
and I like laughing at my own jokes

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