Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Closer

I wonder what my work is saying to me this year? I am about finished with Two Birds. One is called The Tree with no leaves, no birds, almost human like and nine that are called Nine Birds 1 of 9, 2 of 9... like that. But I think I'm name each one too. I like the ideas I'm having about this. I'll be doing some watercolor sketches and maybe use some ink tomorrow and then get back to the oils on Monday. But it is happening. The lens is coming into focus through the windows of my soul, spread out and moved all over these canvases with all the brush and heart I can muster. I'm not going to show any more pics of these yet.


I have been thinking of calling this a Series, calling it "Getting Closer." Again, I have no idea why. It just came to me and I like the way it sounds. 

I just realized that there is a subconscious theme to my work the past three years.  The Root, is a painting that took about 1 1/2 years to paint that I finished this summer and the woven wood sculpture I created two years ago I named Three Birds.  It has three tall prominent branches that the birds land on that reminded me of three birds.  I wonder what I'll think looking at all of these pieces when they are finished.  The art I create is as much a mystery to me while working on it as it is when I stand back and look at it.  The thing I find interesting is that in time, it always winds up reflecting what I've been going through during that time.  While I have done other things that have not been named The Tree, or The Root and plenty of things without birds in them... this interests me.

I'm itching to get back to the book. Once these are finished I'll be able to give all of my attention to editing its lines. And I heated up some of that cauliflower and cheese and man it was so good. Glad I added a little milk, covered the pot and put it on low because I walked out of that kitchen after working on my brushes and left them there with the light on. Good thing. That or my nose reminded me the heat was on.

I hope you are all having a really good day. And since I don't have anyone here that I don't care about and respect, I hope you enjoy a love of life today.

I couldn't take a picture of it so these words will have to last longer.

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