Sunday, March 17, 2013


countless life times
have been touched by a sense of awe
when they have felt a connection with this beautiful blue planet

I saw this video from the point of view of the astronauts and thought.... yeah.

People want to build political parties and start wars and create more crap and pollute the planet with gasses and garbage and waste. Still others will insist their views about our existence is ordained from God. And their view is the only true view to believe. They say many things. Some are wise. Some give us guidance and good advice on how to live and how to be a good humane person. And there is also much hatred and ignorance and cruelty and sadness.

But this one thing is undeniable. We all are. And we all are here. And once we realize that what we do has an effect on the whole world, on our very existence on this earth and on our survival it is a wonder to behold.

A thief may think, so I took this one thing... crooks are ripping off countries with their computers and they are stealing billions of dollars and plunging people into servitude and poverty. So what if I cheat or hurt someone or neglect my duties or responsibilities. So what if I don't recycle and I'm not mindful of what I buy and how much waste I'm producing. So what if I say something that will damage the way others feel about themselves. There are people worse than me that do real harm. This is called relative ethics. And I suppose if that is the lens we see the world through, than it makes sense.

But when we have an overview of our planet and we then see how beautiful and fragile it is, then it is almost impossible not to be moved to at least consider that we should be better caretakers of the great caretaker of us all. Maybe we should fight less about who we think this is and co-operate more with constructive ways to work together and live in harmony.

Is this impossible? Lao Tsu turned away from his village when he was in his eighties. He was tired of ignorance. Probably even more tired of seeing people making the same mistakes over and over again. All of our cultures have people who have offered us an overview. And all of us, when we face our own selfishness, turn away from the innocence and wonder of this life because we want to do what we want. We want our own way. We don't want to give an inch because if we did, we might have to take responsibility for the things we say and do, for the way the world around us is, and that may make us uncomfortable because we might have to change.

Of often when change comes knocking at our door we lock it. We cry and carry on because we want everything to stay the same. This is the true source of our suffering. But when we consider that everything is always changing and we are a part of this miraculous experience.... it is hard to remain

and stubborn.

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