Monday, March 18, 2013

Art ~ The Created Thing

the created thing - by jenn weinshenker

whatever the substance of our lives
that inspires flows through us, 
that gives us the urge to create something out of nothing... 
and that transports part of who we are
right along with it 
and wherever it comes from
leaves traces of an indelible mark
that is all our own
as much as any fleeting thing can be

we are translators of the human experience
more directly
of the experiences and observations
we figure on
to figure it all out

even if it is subconsciously, 
through our work 
our choice of subject matter
medium and pigments
it can't help but mirror 
who we are
from the inside out

the created thing
is always a reflection of
its creator

through oil
or water or gouache or pen and ink
or any other thing
the medium carries with it
the pigment that defines us
and connects us

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