Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Wins!!!

President Obama gets re-elected!!!!
Democrats have majority in the Senate but republicans still have majority in House of Representatives!!!!  Though it seems that not all of the votes are in on that and some of the races are close so this may change.
And Republican Tea Party Extremists went down with the ship!!!!

Colorado and the State of Washington LEGALIZES marijuana for recreational use!!!! 

Map Link of States Marijuana Laws

Soooo, let's see...
States legalizing pot for medicinal and recreational use:
Colorado and Washington.

States with legal medical use of marijuana:
Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan (though I think Michigan is close to decriminalization), Vermont, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Deleware.

States with legal medicinal use of marijuana and decriminalization are:
Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska and Maine.

States with decriminalized possession laws are:
Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Let the dominoes fall... click, click, click.... 
And Maryland and Maine added to states that have LEGALIZED gay marriage!!!! 

Go women!!!!
Go young people!!!!
Go everyone who knows they have a place right here in the middle of all of it!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy right now!!!!!

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