Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last night it was cold in the house. I forgot to turn the heat on. And I threw on a down twin comforter across the top of my bed, which already has a down comforter on it. And I tucked into my pillows with my dingbat cat curled up by my head and my Coco akita alongside the length of the bed and I fell asleep maybe a minute after my head found its way into my pillow. It was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. An absolutely cocooned, warm sleep.

I woke up and started some coffee and then got a phone call from a dear friend. I forgot all about the coffee until every last bit of water had been perculated dry and the smell of burnt coffee permiated the house. Turns out it was the perfect day to open the windows, wash them, wash the curtains too and clean the floors.

After seeing my family and my nephew loaning my his Frontpage 2003 again! I walked Coco in the park beneath ominous skies and wondered if the chill in the air meant...we might have some snow. And then I settled in, had the last of my soup and made a big dent in updating my website. Not one trick or treater tonight.

All through the day and night my thoughts and my heart has been with those who are struggling to find a dry bed and heat and clean clothes and some fresh food to eat along the eastern seaboard.

Oh, and that squirrel that has become a friend of mine? She figured out how to find me through the window in front of my desk. If the picture and video that I took of her eyeing me and then eating from my hand turned out I'll post it tomorrow. I of course listened to her and went to the stoop by the side door where she was already standing and waiting for me. She had run across the roof and then skipped across some branches and scaled down the trunk of the Elm on the other side of the driveway. We shared a dried apricot and some trail mix . And I think I saw her baby for the first time.

It is a full moon. And I think I'll read for awhile. I hope you are all doing well.

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