Friday, November 16, 2012

Hostess Cupcakes Do Have an Expiration Date

Hostess is going out of business. They're blaming the unions because their employees are saying they can't live on the huge pay cut that would keep the business operating.

I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs. And I'm a loyal, "Buy it here gal."  But I wonder if the reason they are broke is because people are getting more health conscious these days and they are not buying as much of their merchandise anymore.  Their food makes people fat, makes people sick and it is filled with so many chemicals and GMO's and so much high fructose corn syrup and crap that it is hard to distinguish between what used to be cup cakes and what they are selling by that name these days.

So I'm thinking it would be great if someone else would buy it.  Or flat out temporarily fund the workers so they can buy it and keep working.  We need the unions for cryin' out loud. It isn't the union's fault that Hostess went out of business.  The unions and they are an important part of Chicago.  But we also need to figure out a more realistic profit margin business equation; one that values its employees and pays them a living wage and contributes to their health care.  People who work for companies aren't units, they are human beings who work hard and they should be able to feed their families and go to a doctor if they need to. That is not too much to ask. Just change the recipe, give the business a new name and watch it fly.  Good tasty healthy food and more local factories so food is shipped fresh and no chemicals that make people sick, how about that?   It's all there, they just need a new recipe for success.

Hostess is Closing Down Article

Oh, and here is some information about what has been going on at Hostess.

Hostess was trying to cut Bakers’s pay by 8% and benefits by 32% and their CEO gave himself a 300% raise.

Nine Hostess execs got 50% to over 100% raises, while filing for their second bankruptcy.

How is this not stealing?

Anyway, Hostess stopped paying into the employee’s pension, owing them over $160,000,000. That’s 160 million dollars. Again, how is this not stealing? Then again, if you know it is going into your pockets one way or another, what difference does the future or the future of people counting on those pensions?  The big guys took the money and they ran.  How is that not stealing?  Even if it is legal.  I don't get it.

This is all so wrong. Those at the top took everything. I hope they sell Hostess. And I hope some really good people buy it and that they prosper and that they take care of their employees.

Any business that doesn’t make its top priority the pension of the people who have been making the products sold by the company they work for should be stopped, fined, made to first put money into those pension funds. Or if they aren’t, they should at least tell the people that keep contributing to the pension fund. That way, they can save their own money. In the long run, that would be better anyway. I have seen this happen so many times.

So again, I wonder? How is this not stealing? I don’t get it?

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