Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love is a Powerful Thing

Last night I had dinner with my sister and her family. When we saw each other we all hugged because we all love one another. When we walked to our table my nephew held out his hand and he helped me down a couple of steps and through the aisle of tables and chairs. I was so happy to see my niece who is going back to college. We talked and listened through dinner and enjoyed the evening.

When we left, there were stairs going down to the car. Going down stairs is hard for me now. My brother-in-law gave me support and helped me go as slowly as I needed to go. My sister pulled the car around and as we had met at the restaurant, I was going to be driving home alone. It was dark and the lights play tricks with my eyes when I go over 40mph. So I followed by sister and we took the slow way back. She was always looking out for me and pacing herself so we would always be together.

And all during the car ride I was so overwhelmed by the love and tenderness my family shows me. I am so grateful to be loved this way. I remember when I was younger thinking one day a lover would love me this way. And when that didn't last I remember thinking, will I ever know love like the one I had hoped I'd experience with my partner? And the answer is yes. And the answer is, this love I could have never imagined, it is that powerful and that good. I am so incredibly grateful.

There is so much love between my children and sister's family and our cousins and me.  Life can be really hard and some times there are challenges that seem impossible to get through.  But love is a powerful thing.  The love we share is the vehicle that carries us through.  My cup runneth over.

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