Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making a Difference

Nelson Mandela turns 97 today. He is a living legacy. The children all over the country are giving of their time in community service for every year of his life.

Some how, in this country, this idea that independence seemed to carry with it a distance. A not caring about what that may mean to society or to our planet and our economy and yes, even our families.

Just look at what our actions have said. Divorce, domestic abuse, substance abuse, pollution, disillusionment, depression, suicide. So if the way we have been living has brought us to this point, maybe it is time to sit back and look at our decisions and our priorities and open up to the idea that maybe it is time for us to make a change. Maybe a whole lot of changes.

Maybe it is time we started looking at the way we live and what we actually do and ask ourselves, why? If this is causing misery or is making me miserable, why do I keep on doing the same thing?

I think it is time to stop thinking what is in it for me and put on the brakes and start thinking what can I do for you. What can I do to make your life better for someone else?

Instead of obsessing with how life didn't turn out the way we planned consider, life is always changing. Is my rutter going against the tide or am I finally learning how to go with the flow?

All of these systems that we have been supporting that have become predatory aren't worth our loyalty or our last red cent. So why continue to support them? We are probably the only country whose free people have willingly become enslaved to the one percent because just maybe they will become a one percenter too.

Look, if you are spending more time talking about other people or thinking about how much better your life will be if only someone else did the right thing, then consider this, maybe you are wasting your time. Maybe there is another way you can be and think. If you are actively doing something that is making your life and the life of other's better, you won't have time to be dis-satisfied with your own.

It amazes me how much time people spend on their phones. They can be in their home and everybody is on the phone - not being where they are and not being engaged in the relationships that are right in front of them. It is completely natural that everyone feels isolated and is always reaching out for meaning or acceptance, even when they are with the people that should mean everything to them.

So here's an idea, there are lots of non-profits that are having a hard time. Funding has dried up and they are struggling. So figure out something that would be interesting that you could all do together and get out of the house and leave the damn phones at home and do something meaningful. Just for an hour. You could go to a dog rescue or humane society and just take a dog for a walk. Learn how to teach them how to sit or walk in a relaxed manner on a leash. Then get your bottles of cold water to drink and sit in the park and just be together for a few minutes. Don't talk about issues or what you want people to do. Just be together. Have a laugh. Talk about a meaningful moment. You don't have to save the world to find a sense of purpose, you just have to get out of your own way and do something positive.

Don't care about animals? Take books to the hospital or an old people's home or to a school (get permission first) and go read to someone. If you have a bit of an actor in your character, become the characters as you read. Enjoy yourself. Or tutor after school. Work on making a living or getting a job or starting a business and then go to the library or the nearest school and tutor. That doesn't appeal to you? Do you play an instrument or are you an artist? Offer the school or community center in your area free lessons. The arts have been cut from schools so offer your talents to your area. Go play music in a park for free. Enjoy yourself by giving of yourself.

You may have all kinds of troubles but that doesn't mean you can't do anything to make life better for someone else - for free. You just might be surprised how good one hour a week of taking the focus off of yourself and sharing who you are with someone else will make you feel. You might be amazed at how doing something like this could help you to change the direction of your life toward living a life that is purposeful and interesting to you.

Be Inspired...

Whether your gift is appreciated or not... can you handle that? Because it always makes a difference, even if you don't see it...

when it makes a difference to you and your life and your day...

Why walk when you can glide?

Now do something inspirational!! Without expectations. For FREE!!! For the love of life!!!! You can't change the world without first changing your life.

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