Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gardening to Better Health

Here are some pictures of the garden. I decided to expand my gardening to include veggies and a fruit tree and berries. I've done this in the front and back yard. It is a continual process. Learning what grows best and where. I thought I'd put a view pictures in today's post. This is a picture of the peach tree in the woven wood structure. There is also some lettuce growing in there too. Behind the new peach tree are the cucumbers growing up on the lattice.
Here is the Butternut Squash Patch and Corn to the back of it.
This is the herb garden. The cilantro and garlic did well here. So I transplanted some basil and oregano that was barely growing and transplanted it. The left of the cilantro is basil. And behind the cilantro, between the cilantro and the garlic, is where I've planted the oregano. And the onion is starting to grow too. It smells absolutely delicious to weed or prune or snip some cilantro and some garlic for meals. I planted some more sage and rosemary and I think the sage is taking hold. I'm going to move it to the herb garden next. But I don't think the rosemary has done much yet. Maybe with more rain a few sprigs will appear.

We planted lots of sunflowers but none took hold. And then I saw one today!! How glorious!!!

And here is my woven wood sculpture Three Birds, finished. I'll be adding things to it as time goes by. But the structure is sound. I lot the bird bath. It has been good to see the birds drinking from it or bathing in it. Its been so hot this month.

I needed to get more exercise, eat good organic fruits and veggies and I don't golf on my front yard. So I decided to do something completely different. I had planned to do quite a bit more but it has been too hot to work outside for very long. Hopefully, in the next few days I'll have a chance to get caught up.

I may not be able to solve the problems of the world. I may not be able to generate more income so I can go somewhere and work out on machines. I may not be able to afford to buy organic foods. But I could do dig up some of the lawn and create structures and grow food and get exercise and get a sense of fulfillment from all of it. Or I suppose I could have done nothing and just sat inside watching TV. But that... would have really been boring, not changed a thing and gotten me absolutely no closer to what I could see I needed. Now, what if all of the people that could, stopped spraying their yards with chemicals and they allowed their earth to go fallow for a few years and then they started planting ungenenticall modified plants in their yards? How many of us could make a difference in determining the food we buy at the store if we show the food industry that we do not want to buy food that has been genetically modified? We can't stop the big chemical companies from experimenting with our food or changing it but we can say with our actions, I am not going to buy it. And more people will vote against those who support those who are representing the big chemical companies instead of us. That's how it works. From the individual making a change.

It is so encouraging and peaceful to work in the garden. TV could never inspire me the way the aroma of fresh green onions in my garden and then in my dinner do. Its a lot easier to feel helpless and to complain about the system than to get off of our duffs and do something about it. I prefer empowerment to being complacent.

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