Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coco and I on our First Train Ride to the City

This is the first time Coco and I took a train to Chicago. As you can see, Coco did beautifully. There is also a little bit of a talk I was giving about United Way. As you will see, Coco was the star, even then.

We had a delightful time and then took the train home. She did just fine. Thank you Mary Beth for helping to make this happen. I was afraid to do this alone.  Coco and I had done the training we needed to do to take a train.  We had been on buses.  But we never had the opportunity to the the train before now. This will open up so many ways for us to get around and go do things. I'm thrilled. Exhausted and thrilled.

Training tip, practice and use great treats for a distraction so what is really good becomes the focus during stressful times.

And step out and be willing to take a chance and do something you haven't done before. Even if it means you might fail. Because you just might find there is another avenue to take or door to open that will empower you and give you hope and help you live a more fulfilling bunch of moments in your day.

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