Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buying American Made Items

I've gone to a few stores lately and noticed that all of the clothes are imported, mostly from China. Then I looked in my closet and found that the few items I've purchased this year were all from China. I think if stores want to sell items that are made in China they should also make a point out of offering the consumer items that are made in America.

I often go to Target and some times K-Mart. But I also go to other stores that are more specialized and nice stores. I was really shocked to find out that they all were selling almost exclusively items that are made in China.

We need to be able to earn money here too. We spend money here so it is only fair that we focus on supporting those who make clothing and other items here too. We have our own economy to consider too. I'm not saying don't sell imported items. I'm saying we need to feature our talent and our workers here too.

FYI - Here is a link to a Green company for clothing that is made here. I haven't purchased anything from them yet but I've heard great things about this company. I intend on buying something from them. Even if it is just something little, to support what they are doing.

Link to USA Green Clothing Company -

I am one of a huge number of poor people in this country. I've probably been poor a lot longer than most but what can I say, I've always been ahead of my time. So when I spend money I can't afford much. Most of my furniture I retrieved from things being thrown away. I sawed them or sanded them and painted them or put new legs on them and called it good enough. And I had to save to be able to do that. So I get it. But if we buy less and spend a little bit more to support our own workers, that's a good thing we can do to help our economy recover. Even if it is just getting a pair of socks. If a whole bunch of us make this a priority we can make a difference. And that gives us hope and a true sense of empowerment.

If you have money invested in businesses you should be able to insist that your money goes to American made companies. You should be able to insist on proof that your money is going where you want it to go. And if the investment company you are working with won't let you do this or they try to talk you out of this, maybe you ought to do some investigating of your own and find out what your options truly are.

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