Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dug Holes to Bury Wood Limb Posts for Sculpture

It was a lovely day today. Spring clouds and sun. I took Coco for a nice walk and then we got down to business. I figured out where I wanted the post limbs to go, to provide support the woven wood sculpture. Then dug several holes and mixed a small bag of concrete and placed the poles and pour the concrete and filled the earth in and tapped it tight with my foot. I'll need one more small bag of concrete. I have three raspberry bush and two long bean areas to place supports. Once all of the posts and limbs are properly fit I'll brush the major limbs with linseed oil and let them dry over night. This will help keep the branches from sprouting. Then I'll add some flower seeds in the center of the empty space for the bird sculpture. And then I'll add some seed along the outside of the woven wood. And then its just left to weaving the wood. Lots of prep work for this project. But I like it. I can work on this piece in phases and still keep painting. I keep working on it everyday and it is amazing how much work gets done in a week. The beans are looking good and ready for planting. I'll wait another week just to make sure we are past the frost. Hopefully, by then the sculpture will be done. Sowing the rest of the seeds will take a few days and then its just maintenance and harvesting wonderful, organic, non-messed with genetically, and delicious fruits and vegetables.

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