Friday, January 27, 2012

Vegetable Garden in Front and Back Yard

I've decided to till must of my front yard and grow vegetables and herbs and squash there. In the back yard I am growing berries and will add another blueberry bush and grow tomatoes and beans there too.

The first ten feet across the front yard will get lots of sun so there, I'm going to plant Squash. I am going to plant a variety of colors and plant them in wavy lines so it looks like water made of big leaves. Dotted here and there like ducks floating on the water. In the yard itself I'm going to spiral from the center and in the center I'm going to plant sunflowers, like a lovely bouquet. In a swirl out from this center I'm going to plant Indian Corn, multi-colored and indigenous. Along the base of these plants I'm going to plant herbs.

Up closer and a little to the side I'm planting potatoes. And on the other side I'm going to plant broccoli. The corn will probably come up pretty close to the front of the house so that should take care of the front yard.

In the back yard, along my wood fence the surrounds the backyard I'm planting a variety of beans all along the five foot high fence. And along the garage wall, behind my blueberries I'm planting tomatoes.

I am excited about moving further away from having a lawn. I've let the land rest for many years so it should be good.

I am thinking about including ruts running through the garden area so water can go there and then open them up with a shovel or maybe use rocks. I won't be able to run rocks along the ruts and I won't use any plastic so I'm going to need to think about this a little. I don't have enough money to use a little concrete. But I'll come up with something.

I don't have a keg for collecting water but I may use something else. Maybe glass bottles. I have a little time to think about it.

It has been fun to look through the seed catalog. This year I will be buying my seed. Next year, I will be buying less and using my own from this crop. I'm going to mulch the clippings back into the soil in the early fall and call it good. Not sure how the neighbors will feel about the organic fertilizer I'm going to use from a nearby horse farm but I'm not going to use that much and it will be mixed well so it should be okay. I may get a little straw to throw over everything and let it just settle before planting.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.
Since I left my farm I always longed to have a garden again. And then I realized, so what if the only place some of my veggies will grow are in the front yard. I'm going to grow them there anyway. Every bit of land that gets sun, except a little up by the house, is going to have something edible growing in it.

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