Friday, December 9, 2011

Where'd the money go?

Huge sums of money are being lost. The money is just disappearing. So I keep wondering, "Where is all of the money going?" There must be wire transfer records, something, somewhere. There is no way billions of dollars disappear in this country and Europe and Greece and Japan and Argentina without a trace. I don't know where it all went. But there are people who program the computers and there are transfer records when transactions are made.

Anyone who has a checking account and has transferred money or who has had an IRA or had some stocks and decides to sell them knows that there are records that shows exactly where the money goes. There can't be that many people that have access to these accounts who could move this kind of money around. Where are the leaders of these countries and why don't they have their top investigators and financial people giving them the answers? And why aren't they getting these answers? I bet my bank would know exactly where the money went if it was leaving my account! And I bet I'd know it if I transferred money into another account if it got there. So how stupid do the heads of these countries have to be to accept, "Uh, I don't know where the money went?" Somebody or a few somebodies are having one arrogant laugh at the havoc they've caused. While everyone is paying for it and losing homes and farms and businesses and countries are teetering on bankruptcy, somebody is thinking this is pretty funny.

And what is the purpose? I mean how much money does anyone really need? This is beyond greed. It seems that the purpose of all of this is to cause chaos and financial ruin. Because that is the result. That surely is the fruit of the tree. So why?

Information about Jon Corzine's handling of MF investors money in November, 2011.

The misuse of customer funds is unraveling in December, 2011.

Or they could give all future proceeds from these risky investments back to the people they stole the money from instead of trying to fear-force their customers into settling for a mere 25-65% portion of their initial investment. These accounts were not supposed to be used to borrow against. They were supposed to be guaranteed accounts that the banks or investment companies could not take and invest for their own profit. This was supposed to be money that was secured and set aside for that rainy day, which if you are a farmer or you own your own business or you are managing a retirement fund or a pension fund, is a must. That way when times are good the money stays put and when you need it you can withdraw it. This money in these personal accounts was not supposed to be used to cover bets on how the market in other countries was going to do. This is yet another example of money that was literally made in America, being siphoned off and redistributed to where? Nobody knows.

Banks and investment brokerage companies have become predatorial. There used to be regulations that prevented people from having this kind of access to their investor's money. There were rules that said, if a company says they won't borrow your money to invest in their own ventures, it would be considered criminal and embezzlement.

These rules and regulations were intended to protect the individual investor from investment brokers who might forget that the money they were recklessly handling wasn't their own.

Wasn't this what caused our financial downfall in the first place? This lack of accountability has tumbled through the economies in other countries as well. To bet against how much money other countries would have access to in bailouts is just so creepy.

Since there are apparently a whole lot of people who get an adrenaline rush out of this risky business and who have even less accountability when the chips don't just fall, they crash and burn; maybe it's time to keep smaller amounts in savings accounts and more of our savings in a safety deposit box! At least then you have control over who has access to your money.

This is all such a mess. It's like a shell game. Only the people getting hurt are losing homes, farms, businesses and their retirement funds and pensions. So really, where's the money going? It's going somewhere. People who play fast and lose with money like this also make sure to take care of themselves. They are at the top of the, "I'm gonna get my share," list. So where are they stashing it? Who are they talking with days before the money disappears? How hard can it be to track where the money is going?

If chaos was the aim, well, somebody has hit the target! Now it is up to the people who can sort this out to do their jobs. And if they can't or won't - they need to get fired.

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