Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Poems 2011

December Poems by Jenn Weinshenker 12/08/2011

Through a Glass Dimly

We may live in troubled times
But this is nothing new

People have always taken more than they need
And kept to themselves,
The best of part of what they had to offer
Their hearts

We have all done this
Afraid to
Simply take responsibility for
What we thought and how we lived

Financial hardship and
Challenges of all kinds
Weave through our days
Like some kind of carpet
Shaken and cleaned in the midst of a hurricane
That's life

But what has been the very best part
Of all of it
For me
Has been loving people and then
One day finding out that the people I've loved
Have actually loved me back
Who knew?

I'm so glad in the unpredictable
Every changing mist and ice
We didn't miss each other

It’s Rarer Still

It’s always so rare and lovely
To see graciousness
A little goes such a long way

When we are engaged with
The beauty of life
All of this stuff
Doesn’t mean so much
And that appreciation dealeo?
It’s turned out to be the berries


Life some times
Is rocky
And then some times
We can hop on
And enjoy the slide

It’s funny isn’t it
How the more we let go
Of the things that continue to
obscure our view
The more we wind up
Appreciating what we see

Friends who knows this and
Share this with one another
Are rarer still


Barn Owls

I heard a barn owl in the Hickory tree.
Or maybe it was in the Elm.
I'm not sure.
But there it was anyhow
Hooting its late night call.

We used to have huge barn owls
That lived in an old abandoned barn across the road.
I loved hearing them in the wee hours.
Watching them suddenly appearing through the shadows,
swooping and
disappearing again into the wood.

Someone told me they were an omen of death.

But I have heard them whoo whooo many times
And nobody dropped dead the next day.
Not even me.

A Dead Crow

Coco and I went to our favorite park today.
We were alone there to wander the trails
In a lovely harmony

Coco is learning how to search on command
To show me
And then to take me to what she sees
To go check it out

She usually sees a black plastic bag
fluttering up against a fence
But today she saw a black form in the distance
And it turned out to be a crow
One in a family of crows I caw to whenever we are walking nearby

I told her to leave it and she did
I took a closer look and yes
It was intact and
Quietly dead

I wondered whose mother or father it was
Was it a brother
Was it a sister
And where were the rest of the crows
Why weren't they there
Watching me there
By their dearly beloved

As Coco and I made our way back to the car
We saw there in the field
The family of crows
Strolling on the ground
Tightly knit
With heads bowed
As though they were looking for something


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