Friday, December 2, 2011

Senate Declares USA Battleground - Syria Violence Against Protesters

Politicians refer to the USA as the greatest county on earth. It is such an ignorant, arrogant, narrow minded perspective that it is embarrassing to hear it when one of our "leaders" says it. We may have had moments of greatness but the greatest on earth? The earth is a really, really big place. And there are a whole lotta people who live on it in all kinds of countries that also have moments on greatness in their histories.

A Bill was introduced and passed during the wee hours you ought to know about. It declares the entire USA a national battleground and gives the military the right to arrest, innocent or guilty indefinitely or shoot at USA citizens on American soil.

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Senate Declares Entire USA Battleground

Bill Information - A Must Read

Government Killing Peaceful Syrian Protesters December 6, 2011 - Link to excellent CBS Report and live video.

This is just one more compelling reason why once again history and current events prove that the police and "Government Security Forces," should never be allowed to fire on its own people. If the people are not being represented and they want those who are taking advantage of them to, "Leave," - It's time to go. Firing on unarmed civilians is always wrong. Governments change, they need to change along with the people or they become obsolete. The ones who have secret deals and are ripping people off always seem to think they can get away with it one more day. But they always pay the price. Over 4,000 people have been killed. This is so wrong.

The only reason this doesn't happen here is because we have laws that have up until now, protected us from allowing those in power, especially armed, being allowed to intimidate the citizens of our country into submission. We are guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble and to voice our opinions and to not agree with our government and the people that are supposed to be representing us.

99% of the people here have been screwed by the system. Whether it has been due to sweetheart deals, backroom shenanigans that have allowed industries to pollute our air, ground and water or whether it is because insurance companies were allowed to take our money and then rescind their coverage when our loved ones got sick or whether our pensions suddenly disappeared from the stock market; there probably truly is only 1% of this country that hasn't suffered because of the lies and "not doing the right thing" these politicians have done. And we all know it, that is unless your only news source is FOX.

The republicans have using fear tactics and intimidation and using all of their power to either screw with our votes or take away our civil rights or to stop our financial growth so that President Obama doesn't get any credit for all of the hard work he has been doing. And I don't fault them. Because it is the everyday, regular people who have voted these people into office. Too many people have gotten lazy and have not been paying attention to what is going on. Watch Open your eyes. Or don't. If you don't insist on intelligent, honest, hard working representatives in the government then you won't have them. Listening to a few buzz words and voting in those who hide behind one or two extremist issues so they can get voted into office and then cow tow to the powers that be, creating an environment where corruption and intimidation continues to grow, is on all of us for not being better citizens.

We all have our own bit of responsibility to take. Some people were wasteful and unwise in the way they spent their money. Some didn't take the initiative to walk their kids to school and pick them up afterwards. Some stood by and watched as their neighborhoods change for the worse. And tons of lazy parents let their kids run wild and didn't make sure they were home after school, with the TV turned off, working on their homework. Every body has their bit to pick up and change. To sit back and point our fingers at government officials doesn't change anything. And it isn't a true depiction of exactly who is responsible for the disfunctional government we are left with either because guess what - we are all responsible.

Look, right now I'm not too keen on some of the democrats in Chicago who have supported the whole parking fiasco. Using high rates to park and huge costly tickets to generate income isn't even penny wise and pound foolish - it's plain old fashioned bad economics. Guess what, you'd do better cutting taxes and encouraging people to spend their money in Chicago having a good time and enjoying the culture here. That way they might actually want to - oh I don't know - come back! And casinos to create jobs? Really? We need to create solar and wind power industries in this part of the country - NOW. Industries the people can work at to support their families on. Industries that don't mess up our planet and that will help us become more independent from the utility and oil mega-conglomerates that think they own this country. And maybe they do.

So here is just an idea, if no-one in your party represents you don't vote for any of them. Write someone in you think is honest. Don't just vote for somebody who knows where the church front door is. Anybody can walk into a church. Anybody can walk into a house of worship. That doesn't mean they are an honest, hard working person. So stop it. Just because somebody makes money that doesn't make them smart or compassionate or a responsible person who is going to think about the needs of ALL of their constituents above their own and more importantly above their own party agenda. We find this to be true with democrats and republicans. We need representatives that are willing to work hard to try to get things done that are going to be beneficial for everybody. Get over the flashy car syndrome and think for yourself. And yeah, it might give you a headache. But at least you'll be awake.

This is what freedom is all about. This is what we are taking for granted. In other countries that having been paying a very high price for it, they can't say what they think about their officials. They can't vote for who they want to represent them. They are intimidated into going along. Only people can't go along forever. That is also something we have learned in history over and over again.

So pick up the pace and regardless of party preference; send an email or write to your representative and tell them you don't want any version of any bill passed that gives the police or the military or any other governmental "security force," the right to detain without representation, indefinitely or to shoot American citizens in the USA. You want to be a patriot? Try doing that. Because no matter what opinions we have or what party we vote for that is at the core of what makes America and its people great.

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