Friday, December 2, 2011

Everyone Screwed by System Join Occupy

I know. And when you are a first time buyer and you don't know any better you trust what you think are reliable people to advice you, like the loan company or the real estate agent. I remember when we were buying our first place, a lovely condo in California, and the Realtor was really pushing us to spend to the limit what we could get a loan for because real estate always goes up. We had grandparents who gave us great advice and we took it.

Real estate goes up and down and when it goes down it is because the economy goes down. So you want to save and put a good sized down payment on your house and then spend way less than what you can afford. Pay it off, you'll have other expenses later on, like college for your kids. People were in such hock for their mortgages that when college time came around they took out second mortgages to pay for their kids' education and then they got laid off due to "out sourcing" and "down sizing." It was all BS.

I know people who have had buyers for their short sale houses and the banks didn't get back with them after months of trying to get their place sold. And even when the buyer had the money. Between the banks and the insurance companies the decks were loaded from the get go. The number one reason for foreclosures has been due to medical expenses when a loved one got cancer or some other critical disease. I know people who were "let go," when a loved one got cancer and they lost everything because of the loss of insurance and then miraculously after the person died, the other person got called and got their job back. Lots of regular, everyday people have gotten screwed by the huge corporations that have owned the republican party. Not that there haven't been democrats that have voted their way too, there have been. That is why it is so important that everyone who has been screwed by all of these destructive policies get out there and join the Occupy Wall Street folks. The American people have gotten screwed and then blamed for this mess. It's disgusting. And the 99% are sick of it.

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