Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Immortal Technique

My kids turned me onto Immortal Technique. I loved his honesty and his rap music. This interview is so good I wanted to share it with you.

Well Put.

The connection our government has to corporate wealth and greed is undeniable. We may not know what has been said or decided on in secret. The closed doors may be secured by all of the strength and secrecy money can afford. But we can see clearly the result of those agreements.

I see ads on TV about how we need to do more drilling for oil in Canada. The dessimation that has occured on this planet because of the manipulating of politics and the fuels we use for heating and mobility is shameful.

If you want to see a really good documentary about this check out "Why We Fight."

We don't need to feed the beast any longer. Oil is a finite resource. And pumping out gas and creating huge pipelines that could destroy a vast amount of our fresh water is so ridiculous I can't believe people promote these things in ads on TV.

We need to put our money and our resources toward developing passive ways to produce fuel for heating and our mobility. We need to make use of the wind and sun and recycle the gas we create through our own waste. We need to be doing these things now. I think there should be companies that facilitate these things but I think it should also belong to the people. Not to a few who use rate hikes as a source of power they can use against the very people it is supposed to serve. We also need individual resources that we can use on our own houses, to charge our own cars. And we need to put people back to work creating clean and safe forms of mass transit. And we need to do these things now. And you know what? Most of us know this. The reason why these things haven't been happening on a large scale since we first started realizing the importance of this for the stability of our environment and our own lives is because the big money that still controls our government is preventing it.

But when the people realize they have the power to get involved in their own communities and that they have the access to the internet that will help to level the playing field on those who can represent their own communities then they can begin to make changes in a small way that will also change the conversation we are having or not having with our own government.

Years ago I wrote about how we need to make a change in the way we buy food. Even if we can't afford to buy all organic foods or buy all cleaning products that are made by companies that aren't polluting our earth. But if we can buy one thing or a few things, this will start a trend. And little by little, farmers will choose to plant crops using organic methods and companies will see that there is an advantage to their bottom lines by how they take care of the planet while they are making the products they are selling.

And that is true. And so it is true these days. If you don't like what people are doing in high places, make changes in your own lives. Stop feeding the beast that is consuming your representation.

I mean, just take one frivolous beast we feed, Cable TV. We should be able to fund the channels we want to see. Like PBS and channels we think are enriching. But the people who determine what we have access to, say we have to pay a huge amount of money for all kinds of channels we don't support, to have access to the ones we want. I cancelled by cable years ago. I use Netflix and the local library to check out new things. And the internet. None of my kids even have TV and don't buy cable. People gripe about the ones who hold the strings because they don't realize they are in control of where their money goes. They'll pay any price to buy into crap they don't want to support. How many stations would lose their audience if their audience could shut them out of their lives? Lots. When people look at a corporate entity that is using the money they have to buy off politicians with lobbiests with their profits (profits they have because people pay for their product) and then they take it one more step and stop buying these products, whoa, things just might change.

We may not have much these days, but how much do we really need? If we don't have a job how about cancelling cable and going to the library and learning how to make something with our hands? Or how about going to city council meetings and recording what is going on there and then sharing it online? Or what about volunteering and helping each other out with our skills? We do not have to sit in a misery of our own making. We do not have to wait for someone to make everything all better. We have to get off of our own asses and make our own lives meaningful buy how we live everyday. We don't need a boss or a company or a corporation to give our lives meaning or to do something valuable with our time. We can get out there and live the change we want to see in the world. It's daring. I know. But its so good.

Like Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

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