Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foxes on the Trail

Early this morning Coco and I went for a walk with a couple of my walking buddies. While we were enjoying the crisp early morning air we saw a red fox coming out of some woods and crossing the street where he disappeared into more woods. We walked and noticed the smell of smoke coming from the forest fire in Minnesota and then we saw the little rascal again.

Only this time he was up on the lawn of a house and a man was throwing out a treat to him. One at a time the fox politely took what was tossed to him. And then he sat and waited for another treat. The man said there was a male and a female and each would take turns coming to his house. And after they ate they would fill their mouths with all they could hold and take the rest of the food back to three of their pups.

What was so interesting, aside from the level of trust and true caring these two shared was that the man had dogs in his house that were barking up a storm the whole time we were there. And three strangers who were talking to the man and one was taking pictures with her cellphone and there the fox was, patiently waiting and sitting with his posture completely relaxed while we visited with the man.

I love those unexpected, delightful surprises that life brings.

The rest of the day was productive.

Tonight I watched the movie, "Somewhere." Sophia Coppola directed it. I ordered it from Netflix but had no recollection of who was in the movie or why I wanted to see it. About half way through I realized, even though there weren't the typical formula stories or points of drama or comedy, well timed and in good measure; I completely was taken in by all of the characters. They were all totally believable. And I thought, whoever directed this movie was a really good director. It was an interesting film. It was about a film star, suspended somewhere in time, somewhere in his career and somewhere looking at his life and deciding somewhere along the way, that he wanted to live a real life. Sophia Coppola directed the film and Francis Ford Coppola produced it. All of the actors; Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning and Chris Pontius played their parts beautifully. And though I was expecting more dramatic drama, the quiet sense of drama and change that evolved through these characters generated an energy through the story that was a genuine and lovely piece of art in the midst of a story that took the viewer somewhere - else.

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