Friday, July 1, 2011

Painting a Dragon

Today, bright and early, after morning coffee, I took my painting off of its braces and restretched it. And it looks just fine. It was hot and the oils were dry enough so the pigments didn't smear from where my brushes had laid them. But it was still warm enough from the sun so that I could easily work and fold and staple the edges along the new set of braces.

As I stood back and looked at the painting I decided to work on one side of it, to give it this flowing feeling. And while I was doing this I wound up creating the head of a dragon, hidden between the brushstrokes and paint. My daughter was the first to see it. Had the wind not assisted me, who knows if the head of this creature, as subtle as it is, would have emerged.

This was the only painting I worked on today. Tomorrow there will be a few more layers before I get it just right. By some time next week I will again have that, it is finished feeling and I will again, sign it. Only this time the canvas is staying in the house!

Isn't it funny, how something so slight, a tiny little hole, could cause me to change directions so? And then how through a serendipitous event, a new perspective would be so clearly seen?

This is what I love about life. Those unexpected things that we don't think will add up to much. And then, they do.

And then,
they do.

I'll post a picture when I'm good and ready. Some time soon.

Until then, I will be painting like mad and falling into the rest of my canvases with no will whatsoever to escape or to be saved.

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