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Hacking Corruption and Rupert Murdoch - The Unraveling

Rupert Murdoch, really?
This is a surprise that he wants to rule the world and create the news the way it suits him? This is a shocker? And he wants Skype. He wants to be able to control what information we have access too. And he wants access to everything everyone says and what they look like and where they are. Why? Who cares?

The government is supposed to be protecting the individuals that pay them to keep things running. To keep the roads fixed and the schools and hospitals in good repair and they also often mediate and try to get better services to the people. And the government needs to make sure we are always ready to aide those who are suffering after they have a national disaster rip their lives a part.

Is there corruption? Have you ever read a history book? A religious book? Yes. Corruption exists wherever people exist. Call it Yin Yang, Sin, Ignorance, a rose by any other name still smells as sweet and still scratches you when you cut it from its stem. But when the economy is bad and times are tough, everybody needs to take less and get off of the backs of the workers who are trying to provide for their families. Everybody needs to cutback so we can get ahead. That includes the big guys who depend on us buying their products too.

Will they? Only when they are forced to. Will they always find a way to sneak around and get what they want? Yeah, eventually. Of course they will. But that doesn't mean that just because some mega-ego-maniacs can buy up all access to everything that depends on a satellite that we all agree with anyone having that kind of access into our personal lives.

I figure the Brits who were getting their pockets padded put on a pretty good performance and did fine for themselves. But giving just anyone access to information isn't wise. And we have this crap going on here too. Probably even worse cases of corruption and people who have figured out how to access, sort and manipulate data to fit their beliefs or goals. So what? People build sand castles and then smash them down before they leave the beach. It's ignorant but hey, it's human. It isn't constructive. And it usually leads to cruelty, which is always counter-productive. But people lie and cheat each other too. It happens.

Oh there will be an investigation. But my guess is they are only going to do something about it because they realized just maybe people with this kind of access and hacking skills could cause glitches on Wall Street and cause stock exchanges all over the world to crash. I can't believe how many times this has happened since Rupert Murdock bought the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Stock Exchange. Everybody has had mysterious crashes and glitches and billions of dollars have disappeared.

And nobody knows where the money went because what you may invest in may be sold here but it may be made somewhere else. And the profits it generates may be going to yet a whole lot of someone else’s who move their money around through off-shore accounts. The make all kinds of money and don't pay taxes on most of it. But if we are more careful about what we buy maybe this will change. I mean we can't hold up the entire world. We need to start making things to help each other and stop buying useless things wrapped in plastic that will wind up in a landfill in the next year.

I read some interesting articles and have summed them up with the actual links following.

Computer Glitch in Australia - Murdoch's home base.

This article reports that Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Network and other gaming sites and the Senate Web Site, Citigroup and Google's Gmail have all been hacked. 21 Million North American Card Customers of Citigroup were hacked.

As of June 15, 2011 hundreds of Commonwealth Bank customers were unable to access their accounts, complete bill payments, transfers and international money transfers.

In March the Commonwealth was hit by a computer glitch that let people withdraw more cash from ATMs than they had in their accounts. While in other big banks in Australia suffered systems outages and the National Australia Bank had experienced two payments processing failures since November.
ATMs Processing Failure

Very Interesting

April 15, 2011 Millions of people had been left stranded without pay in their bank accounts following another major computing failure at National Australia Bank. Other banks affected included the Macquarie Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Bank of Scotland and UBS.

The ANZ Bank said that monies it processed for employers banking with them may not have made it into the accounts of their employees.

A Westpack Bank spokesman said it suspect customers who had their payroll funds deposited from NAB had been affected.

NAB's new payment’s problems follow a similar fiasco that occurred last November when millions of people were left without pay. It was blamed on an IT staffer who supposedly inadvertently uploaded a file that "corrupted" the system, which was sued to process batch transactions.

Now here comes the surprise - and you won't have to wait for it....
NAB, the National Australian Bank ruled out sabotage, hacking or a virus attack.

The Commonwealth Bank's was trying to recover money from customers who overdrew their accounts during an ATM glitch March 1st. The bank got all intense about it even though the error wasn't the customers but rather a technical problem.

Some welfare recipients had their accounts closed or frozen.
Accounts Closed or Frozen

It Just Keeps Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

The March 1st Commonwealth Bank system outage turned into a nightmare when ATMs began dispensing large sums of cash to customers without funds.

A bank spokesman confirmed that rogue ATMs were operated by the bank and that the problems were linked to the system outage. The ATMs couldn't identify the customers' account balance.

Of course the banks wanted the money back from the people they gave too much to. The NSW Police state fraud chief Detective Superintendent Col Dyson warned people that they would face criminal charges if they didn't return the money.
Too Much Money

Glitches in London Stock Exchange

And one month earlier in February, 2011 trading on the London Stock Exchange was halted for more than four hours after a technical glitch.

The exchanged blamed a problem with data feeds, the latest glitch to hit its new Millennium trading system since its introduction two weeks earlier. After opening at 8 O'clock, share trading was halted at 8:03 and did not restart until 12:15 as the exchange struggled to rectify the problem. A week earlier market data vendors had issues aligning to the new Millennium Exchange platform. These problems have included prices sporadically showing zero and their Pro-quote system, which is an average of the first quote of bids for stock trading done by dealers that occur just before the market officially opens went all screwy.

And a week earlier in February the exchange's Italian business also saw trading halted for several hours.
Stock Exchange Going Screwy

Where'd it Go? NAB - National Australia Bank
NAB Money Disappears in Thin Air

Pre Crash - Dow Jones Purchased by NewsCorp

Oh, it gets even better. On August 1, 2007 the Dow Jones Company and New Corps announced they had signed a merger agreement. News Corporation would buy the Dow Jones for about $5.6 billion. The Bancroft Family Trust and Trustees struck a deal and the dye was cast.
This is a good link about the merger.

Murdoch Buys Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal Article

Hinton is Outta There, July 15, 2011
Hinton was coming under more scrutiny in the wake of the phone-hacking crap rolling downhill and he resigned. Hm. He's the second high-profile big deal to leave News Corp. Lots of people have lost their jobs. Some how for Hinton, I'm not sorry. You lay down with dogs; you get up with fleas. I don't know if he's a dog or a flea but he sure couldn't shake off the dirt with this one. So yeah, he's outta the News Corp Murdoch Umbrella, officially anyway. I wonder what kind of severance package he got? Was it a hefty one from Murdoch or the promise of not being prosecuted for information from the real dirt digger professionals? I don't really care. I'm so tired of this sleazy organization and its transparent bid for control and power that I just don't care.

It's about time this group was broken up anyway.
The Dow Jones CEO Quits Amid News Corp Latest Scandal

Germany's Deutsche Bank, Nikkei and Tokyo Stock Exchange Glitches and Woes

July 27, 2011 the Deutsche Securities said it mistakenly placed sell orders with $182 billion at Japan's second largest house due to a software glitch.

Mizuho Bank and Rupert Murdoch - A Failure to Communicate

April 23, 2011 the head of Mizuho Bank, Satoru Nishibori, the retail banking unit of Japan's second largest lender Mizuho Financial Group, will resign by June over a massive computer glitch that forced shutdowns of Misuho's automatic teller machines and disrupted transactions, adding to the business woes that had already been badly shaken by the recent disasters relating to the Tsunami in Japan that killed 28,000 people and caused a major leak and damage to three nuclear power plants in northeast Japan.
I'm Sorry, So Sorry

Aides quit as the focus for hacking and computer glitch issues narrow in on the Murdoch’s and NewsCorp. Rupert Murdoch says he is sorry and humbled. Whatever. His actions don't line up with someone who is trying to be above board, straight forward and interested in making any changes to the devious and deceptive practices that have been the status quo for the past decade. Of course they pledge to cooperate with the police in their investigation but it isn't much different than apologizing for speeding after you've already been busted and gotten a ticket. And quite frankly, this has been a pattern for so long and he could be in potentially so much trouble that this looks like the beginning of a long process toward finding out exactly what this guy has been up to and what he is planning on doing next.

I have learned something in life that for a time used to really surprise and then disappoint me. People who make unethical or corrupt decisions and then act on them don't loose any sleep over the problems their actions cause anyone else. Sorry? Nope. The only second thought they have is which way is the exit and where can I hide my crap until I can get back to it and keep the ball rolling. I'd like to say it ain't so but reality has shown me time and again, when people lie or they choose to be calculative and deceptive in order to get what they want, that's exactly what they intend to do. And then they laugh inside at how stupid everyone else is for believing them and going along with them.

There are a lot of people who aren't that way or who decide not to make those kinds of decisions and usually they are confounded by the lust for power and greed that always resides somewhere in the periphery. But that's the way some people are.

So Who Is Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch Dow Jones Lieutenant Hinton quits Dow Jones
Rebekah Brooks Severance Package or Hush Money?

Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal

Hacking Scandal Spreads to families of killed soldier

Murdoch Video About Rupert Murdoch's News Industry MUST SEE VIDEO - OUTFOXED

NewsCorp Holdings
Yeah, this whole NewsCorp dealeo is the tip of the iceberg.
His plan was to control and then charge people for access to the news online. Which also means he would be able to kick off anyone that reported anything that didn't line up with what he wants people to think.

Rupert Murdoch Plans Charge For All News Websites By Next Summer

I read an article about Rupert Murdoch and someone who hacked into the frequency of Princess Diana's phone. The hacker taped and then sold these tapes to the Sun, which was also owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Princess Diana Hacked Funded by Murdoch
And the Bleep Goes On

Oh yeah, and just as an aside, NASA and our space program is going to be privatized. Which means that what people put up in space and how they want to use it will be none of the people's business. The rules that have existed to protect us and keep satellite technology in check won't matter any more. This is a big deal. A really big deal. Satellite warfare, knocking satellites out of the sky or being able to use them as weapons on people below is a really, really big deal. Do we really want to trust the same people who have had so much trouble checking themselves and making sure their own motivations are responsible?

Personally, I think that as long as we are in terrible debt in our own country our government needs to stop taking vacations. That includes going into space and going into other countries. How many of us can afford to take a vacation or go visit family that lives in another state? Not many. When people are loosing their homes to foreclosures and all of their savings have long since been depleted it is time for government programs like space programs and the war business to get cut back too.

Of course, George Bush got a lot of help from Rupert Murdoch. It was probably just a coincidence that while he was in office Rupert Murdoch's ability to have access to satellites or fund trips to have them put up there in the great big wide open, was just one of those things. I wonder how long Rupert Murdoch had to wait to become a US citizen. There are all kinds of rules that are supposed to prevent people from other countries with their own agendas from taking control of our media. It was of course, just another coincidence that Rupert Murdoch could check this off his life too. Though I think even those rules have been changed too. So exactly who was watching the store? Apparently, the ones who could afford to shop there.
Murdoch Bush and NASA

Bread Crumbs

Lots of food for thought. Lots of decisions to make. Lists to be made of holdings by people who abuse their power and infiltrate the mighty and the meek and changes in viewing and shopping habits to be made. And a great big fat question mark remains - in all of Europe and America - just where did all that money go? It went some where. How could it have disappeared into thin air? Is it possible that money can be stolen, taken and transfered via air or computer glitches and wind up hidden some where? Where did all of everyone's money go and how did it get there?

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