Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coco Akita Service Dog Greets Bikers in the Park

This is a video clip of Coco greeting men on bicycles in the park. It shows how beautifully she greets perfect strangers.

From the time Coco was a puppy I trained her to sit and stay when bicylers rode by us. I did this so she would be calm when she saw them. I always waved and said hello. And I think they always appreciated knowing that my big dog wasn't going to try to run at them.

I saw a coupler of bicycler's riding on the path in the distance and put Coco on her usual sit, stay. But they decided to stop and check out a park map. So we went on with our walk. And as usual, one of the men was interested in what kind of dog Coco was and we got to talking and I asked him if he'd like to meet her. And well, the video tells the rest....

All four feet stay on the ground. Gentle nose nudges and smiles are freely given. At one point she sniffs a napking left on the bench and she doesn't put it in her mouth. All of these things required training. And all took patience and time for me to teach her and for her to learn.

I enlisted neighbors and family and friends to help with her greets and not jumping. And taught her how to leave it so well that she may smell something but even food left on the ground she won't pick up in her mouth. She is gentle with everyone she meets and greets. And after she has said hello she comes back to me and sits or stands until we're ready to go.

She is a beauty isn't she.

I hope you can hear the man's story. It was a story about two labs. The young one led it's mother, who was blind everywhere they went. They were inseparable.

We all had such a nice unexpected visit I thought of sharing it as soon as I saw it.

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